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Automatic Sealing Machine

An automatic sealing machine is a machine that seals the container filled with packaging materials. After the product is loaded into the packaging container, to seal the product, maintain the product quality and avoid product loss, it needs to seal the packaging container. This operation is done on the sealing machine.

Products Description

Automatic sealing machine for any seal that can heat-seal material. Its speed is step-less adjustable, thermostatic controlled, temperature adjustable, and a wide range of adaptation. Automatic sealing machine be used a solid ink wheel, clear handwriting, optional color, instantaneous printing, strong adhesion, with a printing wheel for type R or T arrangement, type R 2 line 4 (PT18) or 3 line 5 (PT10.5) counting device can also be configured as required.

Product Features

1, Pure large copper motor 0 – 24 m step-less adjustment.
2, Electronic constant temperature: 0 – 400 °.
3, Ink wheel print: Seal and print all at once.
4, Wide range of applications, both solid and liquid.
5, For continuous operation of the assembly line, transmission speed up to 24 m / min.
6, Gray cast iron casting can adapt to harsh environment operations such as high dust and effectively reduce the failure rate.
7, Accurate temperature control, good sealing effect, digital display temperature controller, more stable quality, less deviation, can set a memory program.
8, The equipment adopts an enclosed 100W connected turbine large motor, stable conductivity, closed tooth box, reduce noise and vibration, machine bearing rust prevention, long service life, high-quality insulation, safe operation.

Product Parameters

Product name Automatic sealing machine
Supply voltage 220V/50 HZ,110V/60 HZ
Power of motor 50/100 W
Seal speed 0-16m/min, 0-24 m/min
Distance from the bottom plate to sealing the center 38mm
Distance from the bottom plate to the inner conveyor table 65-85mm
Seal center to conveyor table height 10-40
Thermal seal width 10mm
Temperature control range 0-400 adjustable
Conveyor load ≤3KG
Weight of equipment 28KG
External dimensions 954*390**345 (L*W*H)


This machine is suitable for the sealing of aluminum foil bags, plastic bags, plastic bags, tea bags, shrink film bags, firm sealing, high efficiency, widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural, lubricating oil industries.

After-sales Service

1, Every machine is strictly tested before it leaves the factory to make it in the best condition and provide video inspections.
2, Provide a free guide on installation, training, and technical communication of operators.
3, In the normal production process, follow and answer questions, finally achieve satisfactory packaging results, and can eliminate simple faults.
4, During this period, the aftermarket center has carefully documented the equipment for long-term after-sales service.
5, One-year quality guarantee. Make sure the parts are supplied.


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