Filter Pape

Filter paper is divided into two types of hot sealed filter paper and non-heat sealed one. The product has good air permeability and water filtration performance, while also having quite good tensile strength and thermal sealing properties. Hot sealed tea filter paper has low gram heavy tea filter paper, true tea filter paper, and coffee filter paper, and other products.

Product Description

Filter paper is suitable for all kinds of heat sealing machines, automatic packaging, thick material, and good permeability. Strong and durable frying, brewing all kinds of tea, flowers, traditional Chinese medicine, seasoning, coffee, and other products, using food-grade filter paper, environmental protection, and health, brewing and frying can be everything, daily life bubble stew is more suitable for use.

There are four type of filter paper, hot sealed tea bag paper; non-hot sealed tea bag paper; desiccant packaging paper; food packaging paper.

Product Features

Filter paper has large wet strength and good filtration speed, it is also resistant to boiling water brewing, not easy to leak, and has the dry strength and elasticity adapted to the bagged tea automatic packaging. Raw materials are environmentally friendly and easily biodegradable.

1, Filter paper, quantitative 17g, 18g, 21g, 22g, 25g, 8g. Width is 94mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 60mm or other width.
2, A box of two rolls, at 6-7 kg each.
3, Specialized in health tea, green tea, black tea, powder tea, coffee, black tea, and teabag packaging.
4, Suitable for a variety of heat sealing machines. Liquid pass fast after the paper is soaked.
5, Thermal seal temperature above 100 degrees, and it can be adjusted according to specific circumstances.

The whole process according to QS standard, adopted food-grade material and new special technology production, strict control of the quantity and quality, let you use the rest assured, comfortable, at ease!

Product Parameters

Item Specification Item Specification
Processing customization Yes Tensile strength Strength
Fixed quantity 100g/m Packing Carton
Size 125/145/160/180/200mm Thickness 19-22-25-30mm
Color White


Filter paper is widely used in food, chemical, medicine, and other industries, suitable for packaging tea, coffee, herb health tea, and other granular powder materials.

After-sales Service

Perfect service system, and good after-sales service.
Effectively guarantee the application of the product.
Professional customer service for you at any time, quick answer.
A regular visit to customers, listen to customer feedback, timely follow-up processing, and solve problems.


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