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High-Speed Continuous Packing Machine

The high-speed continuous packing machine is a kind of high machinery with packaging automation
With automatic bag-making, quantitative filling, photoelectric identification, heat sealing, coding, and other functions. For the vicious, paste, and other materials and design of three pairs of the roller packaging machine. It can achieve a back seal, three-sided seal, or four-sided seal packaging.

Product Description

The high-speed continuous packaging machine has stable performance, convenient operation, improves production efficiency, saves labor costs, and can be full of packaging according to customer requirements, to achieve lasting preservation.

Product Features

1.Adopt the industry standard, good performance, stable and reliability.
2.Three servo control, continuous pull film high-speed packaging, up to 110 packages per minute.
3.Automatic deviation correction function, convenient, intelligent.
4.Fast packaging speed, effective savings on labor costs, save space.
5.The multilingual interface is available.

Product Parameters

Product name High-speed continuous packing machine
Bag size(mm) L50-210mm W20-65mm
Packaging speed 20-120 bags/min
Measuring Scope 1-120ML
Feed Mode magnetic drive pump, centrifugal pump ,Pneumatic piston pump,HIBAR
Packing Material PET/PE, PET/AV/PE, NY/AL/PE, NY/PE, ETC
Total power 3.8KW/AC 380V
Machine Dimension L1400x W1300x H1800mm
Sealing type Back sealing, three-side sealing, or four sides sealing
Machine weight 500KG


It is suitable for thick or semisolid substances, such as a paste, bee, sauce, and shampoo, body wash, salve, conditioner, food, medicine, etc.

After-Sales Service

1, Every machine is strictly tested before it leaves the factory to make it in the best condition and provide video inspections.
2, Provide a free guide on installation, training, and technical communication of operators.
3, In the normal production process, follow and answer questions, finally achieve satisfactory packaging results, and can eliminate simple faults.
4, During this period, the aftermarket center has carefully documented the equipment for long-term after-sales service.
5, One-year quality guarantee. Make sure the parts are supplied.


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