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Nylon Membrane

Nylon film,Full name polyamide film, a thin film short for PA, is a transparent and printable thermoplastic with a relatively high melting point, excellent strength and toughness, and good oxygen blocking performance. In addition, nylon has a certain resistance to scratches, punctures, and scratching cracks does not dissolve or absorb oils, oil, and acidic foods. So PA is ideal for traditional and microwave cooking applications. Nylon is also ideal for cheese packaging because of its excellent oxygen insulation but permeability to carbon dioxide; so if carbon dioxide is formed during storage, it will not be trapped inside the package to expand the pack. And nylon can microwave heating, recycled; combustion without releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

Product Description

The two most common types of nylon films are cast or undirected nylon films and bidirectional stretch nylon. BOPA is the most important polyamide thin film. Often used in more demanding packaging applications. Directional nylon films have higher tensile strength, lower elongation (harder to stretch), greater stiffness, and higher oxygen barrier. BOPA films have a variety of uses, especially in cases of good isolation gas.

Product Features

1, High transparency.
2, Puncture resistance.
3, Oxygen barrier performance.
4, Excellent high and low-temperature tensile forming performance.
5, Safe friendly green packaging without any residual solvent.
6, For-30 ℃ cold refrigeration and 121 ℃ high temperature steaming or boiled sterilization.

Product Farameters

Basic structure of membrane:


It is suitable for double bag packing of small granular products, such as tea leaves, medicinal tea, and health care tea.

After-sales Service

1, Perfect service system, and good after-sales service.

2, Effectively guarantee the application of the product.

3, Professional customer service for you at any time, quick answer.

4, Regular return visits to customers, listen to customer feedback, timely follow-up processing, and solve problems.


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