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Packing Machine Combined with Weigher

Packing machine combined with weigher is including five parts (1) LH-720 large vertical packing machine; (2) 14 heads combination weigher; (3) Z type material conveyer includes vibration feeder; (4) supporting platform; (5) product conveyor.

Product Description

Our packing machine combined with weigher has smooth operation and high precision, customization is available, complete model and specifications, non-standard customization is available! Complete model size and specifications. Customizable on demand, smooth operation, and high precision.

Product Features

Packing machine combined with weigher features as following:
1, Automatic material delivery, the whole process measurement, bagging, DAT.
2, High precision, high efficiency, and collision-free materials.

Product Parameters

Product name Packing Machine Combined With Weigher
Packing speed 15-80 bags / min
Bag size (W) 80-200mm (L)50-300mm,

Max 400 mm

Bag making mode Pillow-type; Vertical bag;

Punch devise, Link-bag device

Range of measuring 150-5000ml
The maximum width of packing film 420 mm
Film material POPP / CPP, POPP / VMCPP, BOPP / PE,


PET / PET, etc.

Thickness of film 0.04-0.10 mm
Air consumption 0.4 m³ / min 0.6 MPa
Main power/voltage 2.5KW / 220V / 50-60Hz
Dimension (L) 1400x (W) 970x (H)1700mm
The weight of the switchboard 450kg


It’s suitable to use in packing the high accuracy and easy fragile material, such as puffy food, crispy, candy, pistachio, apple slices, dumpling, chocolate, pet food, small hard wares, medicine, etc.

After-sales Service

1, Every machine is strictly tested before it leaves the factory to make it in the best condition and provide video inspections.
2, Provide a free guide on installation, training, and technical communication of operators.
3, In the normal production process, follow and answer questions, finally achieve satisfactory packaging results, and can eliminate simple faults.
4, During this period, the aftermarket center has carefully documented the equipment for long-term after-sales service.
5, One-year quality guarantee. Make sure the parts are supplied.


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