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Permanent Magnet Frequency Screw Machine

Permanent magnet frequency screw machine due to its high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection, and low carbon, and other advantages, has become the new favorite of the air compressor industry.

Product Descriptions

The permanent magnet frequency screw machine is a permanent magnet motor made of rare earth permanent magnet material, the rotor realizes rare earth permanent magnetization, without slip difference, without excitation, rotor without base wave iron, copper loss, and less heat, reducing the loss of stator current and stator resistance. Its efficiency is 5%-12% higher than the same capacity asynchronous motors. At the same time,permanent magnet frequency screw machine could be avoided equipment operation failure caused by lubricating oil leakage and avoid lock break accidents. Its advantage is more than many ordinary air compressors.

Product Features

1.Permanent magnet frequency screw machine through the following points to reduce energy consumption permanent magnet motor is connected directly with master type structure, the motor with IP54 protection grade, low-temperature rise, high efficiency.
2.Eliminate from full load to unload the inefficiency of the conversion process, avoid unloading power consumption.
3.Microcomputer synchronous control system, according to the exhaust temperature, fan speed control, curb waste.
4.Cooling fan frequency conversion control, saving energy about 5%.
5.Providing the freedom to choose 4 to 13 bar pressure, can reduce energy consumption to the greatest extent.
6.When low-speed working conditions, permanent magnet motor efficiency is higher than ordinary motor efficiency by more than 20%.
7.Frequency range from 25%-100%, the system gas fluctuation, the greater the energy-saving effect, the more obvious.

Product Parameters

Product name Permanent magnet frequency screw machine
Specification LH-10 LH-15 LH-20 LH-30 LH-40 LH-50 LH-60
Discharge pressure 0.6-1.0(Mpa) Free airdeliver(m²/min 1.8-1.2 2.6-1.4 3.0-2.4 4.6-3.2 5.8-4.6 7.6-5.8 9.0-6.8
Cooling Air cooling
Discharge temperature C Air cooling
Lubricant L 10 14 16 18 24
Noise level dB(A) 60 dB(A) 65 dB(A) 66 dB(A) 68 dB(A)
Driving way Directly drive
Motor Power kW 7.5 11 15 22 30 37 45
Dreve method Tranducer start: 380V/50Hz
Electricity V/ph/Hz 380V/50Hz
Dimension Lentgth (mm) 900 1320 1320 1320 1400 1400 1500
Width(mm) 650 800 800 900 1000 1000 1000
Hight( mm) 1050 1300 1300 1500 1580 1580 1430
Weight( kg) 400 450 500 600 710 800 1050
Air outlet pipe diameter Inch(mm) 3/4” 1” 1” 1” 1 1/4” 1 1/4” 1 1/2”


Application areas: such as Electronics, Automotive, Steel, Steel, Plastic, Die, Hardware, Medical, Medical, Chemical, Food, Beverage, Home, Printing, Diving, Fire, Glass, Environmental, Biology, Energy, Ceramics, Cement, Mine, Power Plant, Petrochemical, Ship, Military Industry, etc.

After-Sales Service

1, Every machine is strictly tested before it leaves the factory to make it in the best condition and provide video inspections;
2, Provide free guide on installation, training, and technical communication of operators;
3, In the normal production process, follow and answer questions, finally achieve satisfactory packaging result, and can eliminate simple faults;
4, During this period, the aftermarket center has carefully documented the equipment for a long-term after-sales service;
5, One-year quality guarantee. Make sure the parts are supplied.


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