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Powder Filling Machine

The powder filling machine is an integrated machine, electricity, light, and instrument, single-chip machine control, with automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic adjustment, and measurement error. Using spiracle feeding and light control technology to make work so fast. Using step-motor and electronic weighing technology to make the machine much accurate.

Product Description

The powder filling machine’s wide filling range: the installed capacity of the same quantitative filling machine can be adjusted within 5 – 5000g. It is suitable for powder and granular materials with certain mobility. Errors due to material-specific gravity and material level changes can be tracked and corrected automatically. Photoelectric switch control. The contact parts with the materials are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning to prevent cross-contamination.

Powder filling machine, not only exquisite design but also filling in principle has made a revolutionary transformation. It is one of the new replacement varieties of each manufacturer.

Product Features

Powder filling machine to be a simple structure, stable operation, simple and convenient maintenance; the machine applies whirl threaded rod feeding, servo coding, and micro-computer control technology, which is the most important technical feature for the machine. Integrated coding and controlling into one, it has features, such as flexible action, low noise; stable, reliable, and rapid dosing speed and high precision, etc. ln addition, it also displays the times of dosing.

Powder Filling Machine Parameters

Product name Powder filling machine
Aging weight 100g-5000g(alter auger device)
Packaging precision weight<100g, accuracy<0.5-1g

Packing weight≤100g accuracy≤0.5-1g


Packing weigh t100-1000g accuracy≤0.5-1%

Packaging speed 10-50bag/ min 10-50 bags/min
Voltage Three phases 380V(AC380V)50-60Hz
Machine power 1.50kw-2.0kw
Machine weight 100kg
Volume 30L、50L、65L、100L


Powder filling machine is suitable for quantitative packing of powder materials such as flour, milk powder, pesticides, veterinary drugs, dyes, chemical agents, food, additives, and enzymic preparations.

After-sales Service

1, Every machine is strictly tested before it leaves the factory to make it in the best condition and provide video inspections;
2, Provide free guide on installation, training, and technical communication of operators;
3, In the normal production process, follow and answer questions, finally achieve satisfactory packaging result, and can eliminate simple faults;
4, During this period, the aftermarket center has carefully documented the equipment for a long-term after-sales service;
5, One-year quality guarantee. Make sure the parts are supplied.


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