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Thermal Shrink Film

Thermal shrink film includes PVC and PE and POF etc. PVC includes PVC label film, PVC thermal shrink print film, PVC barrel film. Thermal shrink film product standards and specifications as follows:
Bright product, no obvious wrinkle, and explosive reinforcement, Longitudinal shrinkage is controlled, Product type: 12 μm, 15μm, 19μm, 20μm, 25μm, can be processed into the cylinder, L film and single film according to customer needs. And it can be produced into various bags when you need.

Product Features

1, High product transparency and perfect appearance.
2, No obvious wrinkle and explosive reinforcement.
3, Soft sealing corners after shrink packaging.
4, Non-toxic, no toxic gas during the hot sealing process.
5, Thermal shrink film is thin and tough, uniform thickness, soft texture, good moisture resistance, excellent cold resistance, it is not hard, crisp, not easy to break in transportation in winter, Beam tightening force does not change after contracting the packaging.

Product Parameters

Product name Thermal shrink film
Width 30mm-1300mm Tensile strength Lateral:≥50MPa
Thickness 12μm-80μm Longitudinal:≥45MPa
Shrinkage Lateral:5%-55% Elongation

at break

Longitudinal:10%-55% Longitudinal:≥70%
Shrinkage temperature 80C-100C Tearing strength Lateral:≥45kN/m
Transmission ratio ≥95C Longitudinal:≥60kN/m
Specific gravity 1.40g/cm3


Application scope: especially suitable for food and beverage industry, dairy, food and condiment, pharmaceutical, battery, cosmetics, etc.

After-Sales Service

1, Perfect service system, and good after-sales service.
2, Effectively guarantee the application of the product.
3, Professional customer service for you at any time, quick answer.
4, Regular return visits to customers, listen to customer feedback, timely follow-up processing, and solve problems.


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