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Vertical Automatic Packing Machine(Particle,Powder ,Sauce ,Liquig Ect)

The vertical automatic packaging machine is equipped with automatic weighing machine (electronic scale), turntable device (measuring cup measurement), screw weighing machine (screw feeding), manual feeding conveyor (semi-automatic manual feeding), used for rice, sugar, chocolate , Nuts, potato chips, shrimp crackers, quick-frozen dumplings, candy, flour, milk powder and other granular, block, strip, powder and other objects are automatically packaged.

Product Description

The vertical automatic packaging machine is a new type of automatic zipper independent bag packaging machine developed based on the horizontal automatic packaging machine. It has a unique packaging concept, mature and advanced technology, and different unloader configurations.


1. PLC full computer control system, man-machine interface, touch screen operation is simple and intuitive.
2. Servo film walking system, pneumatic control system, accurate positioning, excellent machine performance, and beautiful packaging.
3. Complete automatic alarm protection function to minimize losses.
4. This machine can automatically complete feeding, metering, filling, bag making, date and other tasks with the metering device.
5. All packaging printing and output.
6. Bag-making form: This machine can make pillow-shaped bags and perforated bags according to customer needs.

Product Parameter

product name Vertical automatic packaging machine
Packing speed 10-80 bags/minute
Bag size (W)50-150mm (L)50-200mm

Up to 300 mm

Bag making method Pillow bag, stand up bag, hole punch, connecting bag device
Maximum width of packaging film 320mm
Measuring range Up to 500 ml
Membrane POPP / CPP 、 POPP / VMCPP 、 BOPP / PE 、 PET / VMPET / PEPET / AL / PE 、 NEW / PE 、 PET / PET 等
membrane thickness 0.04-0.08mm
Air consumption 0.3m3/min 0.6Mpa
Main power/voltage 2.2kw/220v 50-60Hz
size (L)1300x(W)820x(H) 1400mm
Switchboard weight 250 kg


The vertical automatic packaging machine can realize automatic self-supporting packaging of liquids (beverages, jams, detergents, soy sauce, etc.), powders (powders, condiments, milk powder, pesticides), and grains (seeds, sugar, grains, agricultural products, etc.). ), chunks (peanuts, chewing gum, potato chips, pet food, etc.). It is widely used in food, hardware, electronics, medicine, cosmetics, fertilizer, agricultural products and other industries.

After-sales Service

1. Each machine has been strictly tested before leaving the factory to make it in the best condition and provide video inspection.
2. Provide free installation, training, and technical exchange guidance for operators.
3. In the normal production process, follow and answer questions to finally achieve a satisfactory packaging effect and eliminate simple faults.
4. During this period, the after-sales center carried out a serious record of long-term after-sales service for the equipment.
5. One-year quality assurance. Make sure parts are provided.


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